WF resident turns clothing store into kitchen

Gary Cook’s Street Savvy Kitchen isn’t like other clothing stores
Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 6:22 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Over two years ago, an idea was hatched when Gary Cook was looking to find affordable uniforms for a youth basketball team he was helping.

“I had somebody suggest ‘hey, why don’t you do your own thing and start making your basketball stuff,’” Cook said.

From there, Street Savvy Clothing was born and when the company expanded to a physical location in February, so did the ideas when Cook realized the building he moved into came with a kitchen in the back.

“I brought Uncle Buck down to visit the clothing store and Uncle Buck had a grand scheme and said ‘hey, let’s do a kitchen,’” Cook said.

Like the clothing company, the kitchen idea came from the heart as well.

When Cook’s mother and Uncle Buck’s sister, Miss J, passed away two years ago, the family was looking for a way to carry on her dream of starting a kitchen.

And, although by chance, the back room of a clothing store helped fulfill that dream.

While Uncle Buck handles the Western Burgers in the back, Cook handles the clothing in the front and even has a special section of free clothes for those just getting out of jail or who are homeless.

A store that may look like any other on the outside, but is so much more once you walk through the door.

“Now we have the Street Savvy clothing, the Street Savvy Kitchen, pretty soon we’ll have Street Savvy everything,” Cook said.

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