Hotter’N Hell Hundred rider preparing for 22nd year

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - A veteran rider in the Hotter’N Hell Hundred is preparing for the event to be in person once again. He has been riding in HHH for more than two decades.

“My secret is not special,” John Fritzsch, Hotter’N Hell rider, said. “I just try to ride all the time so I ride throughout the year whether it is preparing for Hotter’N Hell or just enjoying riding. Riding is a huge stress relief for me, even during the times of COVID; being on the beautiful Circle Trail, getting some fresh air and just being outside.”

The Hotter’N Hell Hundred’s 40th year is upon us and riders are ready for what’s ahead. As a veteran rider, Fritzsch said listen to your body during the events and make sure to take care of yourself.

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“Make sure that you have a strategy,” Fritzsch said. “You know what your limits are. You pace yourself, you drink, you eat and just take your time. Know your limits.”

Fritzsch is going on year 22 in Wichita Falls’ biggest event. He said at this point, it is just as much mental preparation as physical. He said it is good to set goals for yourself, to try and improve each year. For him this year, it is improving on his speed for the events.

“My big enjoyment, especially on Friday for the mountain bike race, is to just try to hang around with the fast guys,” Fritzsch said. “There are so many local riders who are really, really great on our trail. We know it by heart. Just trying to keep up with those guys is a big goal of mine.”

For as much preparation that is put into it. Fritzsch says the main goal is to just have fun, because that’s what Hotter’N Hell is all about.

News Channel 6 will be live at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to bring everyone the sights and sounds of the start of the event.

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