Texoma VFD donating Narcan doses to other first responders

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 11:06 PM CDT
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NOCONA HILLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The opioid epidemic is a harsh reality that first responders face every single day, but getting lifesaving drugs into the hands of those on the front lines can mean saving someone’s life, and one Texoma volunteer fire department is doing just that.

Earlier this year Brian Blakeboro, a volunteer firefighter in Montague County, asked the federal government for Narcan. Narcan is a drug that can save someone’s life who has overdosed on opioids or fentanyl. A month and a half later nearly 300 doses showed up at the Nocona Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

“You give it a squeeze and it gives them 4mg of Narcan in their nose and as long as their respiratory system is working it hits them in seconds,” Blakeboro said.

Firefighters in Nocona Hills carry the drug on every call. Blakeboro said it’s a lifesaving piece of gear for when time is not on their side.

“We are in a rural area and sometimes it takes 20-25 minutes for an ambulance to get here and by then the patients expired,” Blakeboro said.

It’s a harsh reality that hits close to home.

“My little brother, my baby brother Billy, he died on Thanksgiving morning and he died because somebody gave him and his buddies some drugs that had fentanyl in it, he didn’t know, and he overdosed from it. And one of these could of saved his life, just one,” Blakeboro said.

Now the volunteer firefighter wants to give back by giving away part of their Narcan stockpile to any first responders who asks. This includes their neighbors Nocona EMS.

“You know it just buys us a little bit more time to get things going and it’s a great thing that we have for the community and Montague County,” Wes Edwards, emergency service manager for Nocona General Hospital, said.

While the paramedics have carried the drug for years, these extra doses mean law enforcement, including the Montague County Sheriff’s Office and Nocona PD, can carry it too.

“Every person that responds to a medical emergency, please carry it,” Blakeboro said.

The Nocona Hills VFD still has more doses of Narcan that they would like to give away. If you’re a Texoma first responder and would like to reach out by phone, call (214) 914-0750.

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