TxDOT, law enforcement emphasizing importance of driving sober

Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 10:51 PM CDT
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BURKBURNETT, Texas (KAUZ) - The Texas Department of Transportation and the Burkburnett Police Department are stressing the importance of not drinking and driving.

“I want people to know that if you’ve been drinking, do not get behind the wheel,” said Burkburnett Police Department Lt. Donald Gibson.

Gibson has spent 10 years in law enforcement and said officers take drunk driving calls seriously. One TxDOT official agrees and said drunk drivers dictate a person’s outcome.

“The drunk driver holds the key to the faith and to the other people’s faith that they can kill, but they should make the decision before they ever even go out if they know that they’re going to be driving,” said Adele Lewis with TxDOT.

Gibson said drunk driving calls are devastating and costly.

“It could affect your employment, attorney fees, those things are stressful on your finances and you can’t hardly afford that, but more important than the financial aspect of it are the lives that are destroyed by those that decide to drink and drive,” said Gibson.

Lewis said although Labor Day is around the corner, drunk driving isn’t a Labor Day issue.

“In the Wichita Falls district, 38 percent, that’s our number one of fatal wrecks, is DUIs and it’s right here and it’s pretty devastating,” said Lewis.

Drivers who plan on drinking can actually prevent DUIs and fatalities.

“There’s so many ride shares that are available today,” said Gibson. “Taxis, friends, family. Please do not get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking.”

“They can plan ahead to have a family member pick them up,” said Lewis.

Lewis said sober drivers can prevent fatalities by wearing a seat belt and that 50 percent of drivers who don’t buckle up die because of this one simple task.

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