Morath Orchard corn maze returns

Maze creator says it took hundreds of hours to create
Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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BYERS, Texas (KAUZ) - Morath Orchard has always been known for its strawberries and blackberries, but for the last two fall seasons, they’ve been making headlines for something else: corn.

“We already had the people coming to pick our strawberries and stuff so, I figured why not do the corn maze,” orchard part-owner Will Morath said.

For Will, the maze’s creator, it seemed like a great idea to bring in more visitors.

The only problem?

He didn’t know how to grow corn in the ground and he didn’t know how to design a maze.

“I looked up a bunch of stuff online and ordered a couple of books to read about how people put them in,” Morath said.

A few books and some online research soon turned into hundreds of hours of work, drawing the design out and bringing it to life in the field.

“You could drop me off in there blindfolded and I could look at a couple of turns and know where I’m at,” Morath said.

And, the more Will got comfortable with building the maze, the more difficult he decided to make it; including this year’s which is peach-themed, but there’s nothing sweet about getting lost.

“I tried to make it fairly difficult I guess,” Morath said. “People get lost. They don’t think it’s too funny at the time but they’re all happy when they get out.”

So, while you may go out to Morath Orchard for the berries, when you’re standing there surrounded by walls of stalk with no sense of direction, you certainly won’t forget that they’re also known for their corn.

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