MSU Texas continues to see decline in students getting vaccinated

Medical experts on campus are just as concerned about vaccines now as they were last semester.
Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 11:09 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Midwestern State University students have been back in lecture halls and participating in on-campus events for just over a month.

However, medical experts on campus are just as concerned about vaccines now as they were last semester.

Johnson & Johnson shots were available during the Fall semester but after hesitation from students they switched to giving the Pfizer vaccine. There are 17 current active cases on campus right now five are faculty and the rest are students.

“The only way out of a pandemic is through immunity and the only way through immunity is by either getting vaccinated or having the disease. It’s much safer much more comfortable to get vaccinated,” said Dr. Keith Williamson, Medical Director of the Vinson Health Center.

Dr. Williamson said it’s not happening on the MSU Texas campus and the proof is in the unused 750 Pfizer doses that are sitting in their refrigerators.

“I certainly think there ought to be that option for universities because if it becomes a health risk to the majority of students we need to be able to do something about it,” said Dr. Williamson.

He believes only 50 percent of the student body has been vaccinated and with Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks coming, he hopes it may be enough to keep cases on the lower end.

“It won’t go away but it will fall off to a baseline. That will be great if we can get the case positivity rate for lab down below ten percent. If we can do that I’ll feel much better,” said Dr. Wiliamson.

While Vivica Guillory, a sophomore at MSU Texas, received her shot at her job off campus, she makes up that 50 percent.

“I wasn’t going to get the vaccine but my job gave me a $100 to get it and I really needed the money. So I got it and eventually i was going to get it anyways,” said Guillory.

“Literally I have distant family members that have passed away and close friends parents. It’s super scary and I hope they get it because it sucks to take tragedy for people to open their eyes,” said Guillory.

Dr. Williamson says the Vinson Health Center continues to offer weekly vaccine clinics to those on campus. The clinic has even been moved inside the Clark Student Center to be more accessible to students.

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