Woman dragged, killed during carjacking

Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 10:28 AM CDT
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HOUSTON (KPRC) - A man carjacked a woman in Texas and dragged her four to five blocks, resulting in her death, police said.

“I went outside, and I see everybody. I see their faces,” Elkin Rodriguez said. “I see their reactions, and I knew it was bad.”

Rodriguez shared the surveillance video from his tire shop next door that captured part of the crash at the end. He said he was there at the time.

“When I see the smoke, I realized there was a car accident,” he said. “I hear people screaming.”

Investigators said the suspect stole a cell phone from an auto parts store and was chased by employees. He then ran across the street to a church, where he jumped into a woman’s vehicle.

Officers said the suspect tried to push the woman out of the car, but she had her seatbelt on.

The suspect took off as the woman was trying to get out, hitting six to seven vehicles.

“She was trying to exit the vehicle but couldn’t because of her seatbelt,” said Belinda Null with the Houston Police Department.

After crashing into a pole, police said the suspect took off.

Officers were able to find him with the help of witnesses and take him into custody.

People who witnessed it are trying to make sense of the woman’s death and everything that happened.

“I feel really, really bad for the family. My condolences to the family. That was, that’s horrible,” Rodriguez said.

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