Blitz on 6 GOTW Preview: Petrolia Pirates at Archer City Wildcats

Blitz on 6 2021: game of the week (GOTW)
Blitz on 6 2021: game of the week (GOTW)(KAUZ)
Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 11:04 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Our Week 6 Blitz on 6 Game of the Week is the Petrolia Pirates (5-0) versus the Archer City Wildcats (2-1) in Archer City on October 1.

Petrolia Pirates

There have been a lot of changes for the Pirates this year, most notably at the head coaching position. It’s not his first season with Petrolia, but there’s one major thing Byron West has changed about the team mentality: how they feel about losing.

Coach West said he’s emphasizing the importance of taking every opportunity given to you, and not dwelling on losses when they happen.

“I think our guys know that we’re going to try and go play Friday,” he explained, “it doesn’t matter what our opponent is or who it is, we’re going to have a game plan and go play.”

“We try to win, obviously, we don’t try to lose,” senior OL/DL Quade West added, “but it’ll make us better in the long run for whoever we’re playing.”

It’s a new thought process that appears to be working. The Pirate’s offense is averaging 36 points a game, and the defense is holding opponents to an average of 16.

Quarterback Cooper Watson said on the field he’s noticing how well his offense is able to work together, a major improvement from last season.

“We are substantially better than the first game we played this season,” he said, “and everybody can see it. I think it’s because our chemistry between us, the receivers and the linemen, everything’s starting to click and work as they should, and I think the more games we play the better it’s going to get.”

Archer City Wildcats

It hasn’t been an easy first five weeks for the Archer City Wildcats, facing injuries every week and a COVID-cancellation.

While that adversity has pushed the team during its non-district schedule, head coach Shad Hanna says being forced to move new players into new positions and responsibilities has shown him how flexible his team can be.

“We’ve found players that normally wouldn’t have gotten that shot to prove that to us that they can play,” he said, “they’ve also grown, so I think we’re a better football team now then we were at the beginning of the season.”

While the offense has struggled in the first five weeks, players said where they’ve been the most impressed is with the Wildcat’s defense; on that side of the ball, there haven’t been many injuries or substitutions and it’s where the Wildcats are putting a lot of confidence for this match-up against Petrolia.

“When it comes to defense, we have a lot of people playing spots, we’ve had to move a lot of people around (primarily on D-Line) but that’s definitely our strongest point on this team,” senior OL/DL Lane Lewis said.

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