Burkburnett hosts spaghetti dinner for Boomtown Blowout bike riders

There were 60 riders who enjoyed their spaghetti dinners and for some this will be their last ride
Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 11:08 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - It’s a big weekend in Burkburnett where tonight’s hometown pride tour wraps up with a look at the boomtown blowout.

That consists of a bike ride and tonight’s traditional spaghetti dinner to get cyclists ready.

The riders and those cheering them on all loaded up on carbs tonight. While the Boomtown Blowout fun bike run isn’t anything new, it is an event that the Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce is bringing back to life from 25 years ago.

“It’s pretty good actually it’s not bad,” said Tom Hickey participant Boomtown Blowout.

There were 60 riders who enjoyed their spaghetti dinners tonight and for some this will be their last ride. Before putting up their helmets on the shelves for the upcoming winter months.

“Of course I’m making up for lost time as well. You know with this surgery I ‘ve been out of action for like three or four months. So I’m juts trying to get back into it,” said Hickey.

“This is the first year we’ve bought this event back. So we weren’t sure what to expect with the impending rain tomorrow that made us a little bit nervous. That some people that were waiting for the last minute to sign up but at this moment we are going forward with it,” said Denna Erskine Vice President of Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce.

All proceeds from the event will go towards helping small business in Burkburnett that riders from all over have come to be a part of.

“We’re all in this together as far as Wichita, Burk Iowa park Henrietta and Holiday. We’re all pretty close together so the more we can cross over and help each other out the better,” said Erskine.

“You just can’t stay in your little community and ignore everyone else. We are a community and we support each others efforts. It’s a family affair really is the way i look at it,” said Hickey.

As of right now there are 95 riders signed up for the bike race on Saturday October 2nd. If you missed your chance to register you still cant at the Burkburnett High School baseball fields at 8 am just before the ride begins.

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