i.d.e.a. WF finalists bringing innovative businesses to the falls

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 8:21 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Two companies in Wichita Falls are bringing new and innovative ideas to the city. Both businesses are finalists in the i.d.e.a. Wichita Falls competition.

“It was the hardest thing to go through as a father,” said Brandon Onstead, owner of Hospice at Home. “No parent is ever meant to lose their child.”

That tragic life changing event led Onstead to open up Hospice at Home with his brother.

“Learned the exact care that they would need and that touched my heart more deeply than anything could possibly in the world,” said Onstead. “They were there for him. They were there when he passed and they took care of him after he passed too.”

“I have witnessed patients that were discomforted or in pain because they were waiting on a service call for malfunctioning equipment or they were waiting on a scheduled delivery,” said Brent Donley, owner of Hospice at Home.

The company will provide families with loved ones at home in Hospice care with wheelchairs, hospital beds and oxygen concentrators.

“Some of the equipment that you see today is old,” said Donley. “It’s outdated, it’s refurbished or it has tens of thousands of hours.”

“We have one from California, one from New York and one from Pennsylvania, so we really are able to connect to artists that are in many, many different locations,” said Lara Freeman, owner of Artodigy.

Freeman is an artist and she opened up an online platform where artists can teach people how to paint online.

“Art is my passion, it’s my love,” said Freeman. “It’s something that I have identified with for as long as I can remember.”

Freeman began painting at the age of six. Her mother taught her and now she plans to connect the world through art via the internet.

“The possibility of learning from artists that live far away and so they’re able to attend workshops that they mind not be able too attend otherwise,” said Freeman.

Both business owners said they want to add more opportunity to Wichita Falls. Donely said he spent years working in Hospice and is using his knowledge to offer better care to families. Freeman is a former art and math teacher who hopes her love of art will open up doors for future artists.

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