Know the candidates: Wichita Falls At Large City Councilor

Incumbent Bobby Whiteley faces off against newcomer John Ahearn.
Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 6:41 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - As November 2 looms, Wichita Falls residents have two choices for the race of At Large City Councilor.

Incumbent Bobby Whiteley will try to capture his third and final term and wants to continue the groundwork he’s laid over the last four years.

“We’ve made some accomplishments, but my job is not done,” Whiteley said. “I want to finish my job want to see things improve and get better before I leave.”

And, Whiteley has one issue at the top of his list.

“Customer service is never finished,” Whiteley said. “We have improved and we’ve done a lot there, but there’s always room for improvement there.”


While Whiteley has unfinished business, Army veteran and contractor John Ahearn is looking to shake up those plans as the new kid on the block, or in this case, the new member of council.

“The change needs to start now and to do so, we need to get our group in,” Ahearn said. “We get our group in and we can start looking at it. There’s a lot of issues.”

For Ahearn, city finances are a focus.

“The biggest thing right now is figuring out where the money is going. That’s the biggest one>” Ahearn said. “Figuring out where it’s going and figuring out how we can reduce the spending. Someone has to say ‘whoa, back up, and let’s figure this out.’”

As a former lead supervisor for a food production plant, Ahearn says he knows how to live by a budget, and more importantly, stay within one.

On the other hand, Whiteley will draw on his council experience in addition to his time in the fire service.

Different backgrounds and experiences that have also shaped their leadership styles.

Know the candidates:

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