New details emerge from US Highway 287 death

Published: Oct. 29, 2021 at 12:45 AM CDT|Updated: Oct. 29, 2021 at 11:40 AM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Police Department investigators have discovered new details in the case of Kimberly Herrera, a 29-year-old woman who took her own life on US Highway 287 on Oct. 23.

Kimberly’s father Jay Herrera said the last time he heard from his daughter was on Oct. 21, just two days before his worst nightmare happened. He also said everything seemed okay and while he knew his daughter was battling some personal issues, he never thought it was this bad.

“That’s something I’ve been struggling with is to try and understand the mindset but I just can’t put myself in her shoes that day,” said Jay Herrera.

Herrera says his daughter was sweet and always made everyone around her laugh. He believes she may have been off her medication and was seeking help the day she took her life.

“I am hearing stories that she had tried to get herself admitted to a hospital that Friday. Then it was brought to their attention that she needed to be looked after and somehow she was discharged,” said Herrera.

Investigators with the WFPD said they found letters in Herrera’s apartment which they believe may have led her to 287 and Windthorst Road, where she jumped from the overpass into oncoming traffic during the early morning hours.

“This is a familiar way we see things like this happen when somebody is hit by a vehicle like that on the highways,” said Sergeant Charlie Eipper, WFPD public information officer.

Investigators have continue to talk to witnesses in the area and review security footage from nearby gas stations to find the driver who may have hit Herrera.

“If you can prove that they knowingly hit somebody and left the scene, you’re talking about a failure to stop and render aid, which with this kind of situation would be a felony,” said Eipper.

Kimberly leaves behind her parents, family, friends and a young son.

“We just needs thoughts and prayers moving forward as we deal with this in our own ways. I know kids are resilient with the things that come their way but they also need to know that they’re safe and loved,” said Herrera.

Kimberly Herrera’s funeral services will be held Nov. 6 in Weatherford, Texas. As of now, WFPD says there are still no leads for the hit and run.

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