Band of the Week: Bowie High School

The Bowie band focuses on lifting each other up, both in and out of the band room.
Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 1:53 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Every week News Channel 6 features a different high school band, and this week we got to go inside the dynamics of Bowie High School.

Bowie’s band is all about teamwork and support. “We try to create the environment here that no matter who you are, or what ethnicity, what background you come from, you’re always welcome in,” said senior drum major Kristofer Torres.

While other bands have described how the extracurricular teaches life lessons, Kristofer went a little deeper. He explained how in band, an individual can take credit for good accomplishments -- but they also have to account for areas where they might be struggling.

“It definitely teaches you a lot of responsibility for all of your actions and everything you do, because no matter what you do it reflects on the group itself.”

Instead of being humbled by these weak points, the Bowie band makes a point of using them to grow stronger as individuals and as a team. Band director German Torres detailed how that process could be seen even outside of the band room.

“They’re family, they are always willing to help each other with whatever they’re doing,” said German. “They don’t want to see each other fail a class, so they say come on in, let me help with this class so you can pass, and they do their own tutorials with each other. They’re always willing to be there for each other socially and emotionally as well.”

The band’s student leadership takes pride in this dynamic, where group encouragement leads to success.

“Seeing them try, and succeeding, makes us so proud,” said senior drum major Angela Zaragoza. “It makes me so happy if I see something they’ve been having issues on and they get it. It’s the best thing ever, I love it.”

Ultimately, the Bowie band’s cohesion has led to a close-knit unit.

“The environment we create is like a family, and so no matter what you’re always gonna have that many people that are in the group that have your back,” said Kristofer.

Angela agreed: “You meet your best friends and it’s awesome.”

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