Homeowner decorates house similar to Candyland board game

Brandon Brown creates a real-life Candyland House
Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 6:48 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - There’s a starting and finishing line...A trail that includes the gumdrop mountains and lollipop woods, just like the board game. The owner, Brandon Brown, spent 150 hours last month decorating this house.

“I kinda like to do the wow factors,” said Brown.

Brown fell in love with Christmas lights as a child. Since then, his passion for decorating for Christmas grew.

“I get enjoyment seeing people smile and all the people that come by and look at it. I try and do something new every year that’s bigger and better...Until I run outta yard I guess,” continued Brown.

Brown has used more than 180,000 lights to complete this Candyland theme, an idea he got from his wife.

“My wife’s favorite game was always Candyland. As a kid and when my girls were younger, we always played with them and we knew it was something everyone else recognizes,” added Brown.

So, Brown ran off with the idea and received over 11,000 views and over 100 shares on Facebook. He spent a little over $10,000 on this display, but he made the characters and trees himself.

“I try and make everything, it costs a little less that way. Everything here I basically made except for the artificial trees. The tracks, the signs, the mega trees,” said Brown. “If it gives me joy, it will give other people joy. It’s kinda my Christmas present to the community.”

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