Early Voting starts Feb. 14

Here’s what an MSU Texas professor said about early voting.
Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 10:20 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Early voting starts on Feb. 14 and although it’s not a presidential election, the primary election is just as important. An MSU Texas professor said fewer people tend to turn out during the primaries.

“So, when it comes down to a person calculating the benefits, going to outweigh the cost, a lot of times it’s easy for people to say I may get in trouble at work if I have to take off,” said Dr. Steve Garrison, political science professor.

Nancy Melten said she already has her mind made up about early voting.

“I’m 85 and I’m gonna vote early because if the weather is bad then I don’t have to get out,” said Melten.

Others also see early voting as a benefit.

“I get tied up with work and stuff and I can’t get away. Voting early and having the option of several days to do that works out better,” said Warren Hall.

“It sounds bad but I use to be a believer that your vote doesn’t matter too much, like not much has changed, but recently how things are going I changed to why not be like the tiny vote that can make a big wave later on,” explained Storm Cantu.

“The sad part is those local elections are the ones that actually impact our lives the most. So, those elections where people in your county and in your city, and state government have a much more direct tangible impact on your life,” said Garrison.

Garrison laid out some reasons why people aren’t showing up during the primary elections:

  1. Municipal elections see a 15% turnout
  2. People just don’t trust the government
  3. There’s too much focus on national topics

“What is it that gets people to pay attention and care about things, it’s usually sensationalism. If we watch TV or ads, it’s usually the craziest TV ad that we pay attention to and unfortunately, we’ve seen some of that in our country in the last 10 years. Politicians having to make the more outlandish statements or challenges to get attention,” said Garrison.

For early voting locations and dates in Wichita County, click here.

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