Health expert talks Omicron-targeted vaccines

Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 10:19 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Several COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are hoping to fight the pandemic with a new Omicron specific vaccines.

Moderna, Pfizer and new manufacture Novavax have already developed those Omicron-targeted vaccines that health experts say focuses on resequencing for the vaccines and finding specific MRNA proteins.

Moderna officials announced that they plan to enroll at least 600 people in their trials at 24 sites across the U.S., but some Wichita County health experts believe new vaccines are not necessary to stop the virus.

“Omicron is less virulent, it is less likely to cause severe disease hospitalizations and death, and I think that’s been proven it’s a waste of time to keep inventing vaccine after vaccine because they’ll never be able to keep up with it.”

Dr. McBroom said he believes the current vaccines manufactures are already making are fine, and while we may not need variant-targeted vaccines, we may need yearly vaccines.

“The flu vaccine is the exact same way. It is a low affinity vaccine, that’s why you have to take a flu vaccine every year and I think that pushing booster shots is too soon. I think we should just go through the revaccination phase once a year.”

Moderna spokespersons said as far as the trials go, some participants will have already taken their booster shots, while some will have only taken their initial first round of vaccines.

Moderna manufactures plan to share data from the trial with public health leaders to help them make the best decisions on booster shots going forward.

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