Police dogs compete in Graham for canine academy trials

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 8:46 PM CDT
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GRAHAM, Texas (KAUZ) - The Graham Police Department and Graham Chamber of Commerce are hosting the 2022 regional United States Police Canine Academy trials and certifications this week. The USPCA is an organization that promotes well-trained and certified canine teams.

Most of these trials are open for the public to be able to watch these dogs in action while certifying experts judge them.

Officers and their K-9 partners were judged Tuesday on K-9 obedience, an obstacle course, agility and area searches for humans. These trials test not only the dogs but also their handlers. Hailey Calcote, K-9 officer from the Graham Police Department, mentioned how the dogs can sense their handler’s feelings.

“Your dog feels your emotions. Everything you do runs down the leash. So if you’re stressed, your dog is stressed. If you’re anxious your dog is anxious. And so they feel that, they do,” Calcote said. “So remembering to get out of your own head is probably one of the hardest things.”

The regional competition will be running until March 18. Click here to follow up with the Graham Police Department on locations, dates and times for more public USPCA trials.

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