Family loses home in Montague Co. tornadoes

Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 7:02 PM CDT
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MONTAGUE COUNTY, Texas (KAUZ) - One family in Montague County has lost their home after the tornadoes that hit the outskirts of Bowie swept it up in the wake of its path.

“I got tons of friends and family that were over here last night. It’s just amazing to see what people do in the time of tragedy,” John Ramos, the homeowner, said.

A day later those same friends, family and even church members were back again helping the Ramos family sift through the wreckage of what used to be their home. The tornado picked up the home off its foundation and part of it landed in the street.

“Ain’t no sense of sitting at home and they’re hurting so you have to help out. They’d do the same thing for me,” Rusty Taser, a family friend of the Ramos family, said.

“We got all the major stuff out yesterday, now we’re just trying to get what we can. We got most of our clothes and stuff that was salvageable. Now it’s just about sorting through and picking out the little stuff that we didn’t see,” Ramos said.

At the time of the tornado, the Ramos family was fortunately not in the home, and although they lost their home and belongings, they still have each other.

City officials in Bowie said 30 homes across Montague County were destroyed. Just up the road, Ramos’s mother-in-law’s home was spared

“The wind was just horrific and I was in the bathroom looking out the window and our chain link fence laid all the way down on the ground and come all the way back up. I’ve never seen winds like that in my life,” Julie Parker, a homeowner, said.

Parker’s barn wasn’t so lucky. It was picked up from behind her home and thrown across the street, taking out power lines with it.

Wise Electric Company officials said 2,000 homes in Montague County were without power after the storm hit Monday afternoon.

“Half of the barn is gone and everything’s ripped up and tore up, but other than that we’re all right and that’s what matters,” Parker said.

“It’s a gift of God that’s all it is to it and we’re very blessed,” Ramos said.

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