Chiropractor offers free adjustments to Jacksboro first responders

Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 9:41 PM CDT
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YOUNG COUNTY, Texas (KAUZ) - A Young County chiropractor has offered free adjustments to first responders that were on the scene when the tornado hit Jacksboro.

From lifting heavy debris to comforting those in the aftermath of disasters, first responders take on a lot in the line of duty, and Fails decided he wanted to help give back.

In his 12 years as a chiropractor, Dr. Brad Fails has frequently treated law enforcement and firefighters. After speaking with some of his regular clients, he decided to offer free adjustments to any first responder who had helped after the tornado hit Jacksboro and those who are still helping.

Fails recognized everything they do for the community and how much strain that puts on their bodies.

“They give more of themselves than people know, and you can only do so much for so long before your body really starts breaking down,” Fails said. “Pain has an effect on people way past just the surface level. It can affect your sleep, it can affect your mood and your outlook. If I can help them sleep a little bit better, if I can help them do their job a little easier then that’s just all we were trying to do.”

First-time clients will need to bring their badge as a form of identification and mention they are first responders when making an appointment. To visit their website and make an appointment, click here.

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