Bowie family grateful to survive tornado

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 9:32 PM CDT
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BOWIE, Texas (KAUZ) - James and Buddy Williams recently remodeled their home and welcomed their baby daughter into the world, only lose their home to the tornado that hit the Bowie area.

James walked with our reporter, Chantale Belefanti, showing her what used to be the family’s bedroom. What’s left of their home is ruined.

One church in Bowie stepped up in a big way, and offered their home to the Williams family. Once Pastor Chris Litt of Calvary Baptist Church heard that the Williams Family lost their home, he immediately took action.

“They’re us. We take care of family, and that was a huge need,” Pastor Litt said.

“We both haven’t been able to sleep and I just keep replaying in my mind that it’s a dream,” James said. “I told him the other day, when we were at the little cottage the other day that we’re staying at now, ‘Can you pinch me?’. He said why and I said I just want to wake up from this nightmare,” Buddy said.

A few months ago, the Williams family was celebrating the birth of their daughter Aycelynn Williams and the end of their remodeling project. They spent $15,000 to remodel their home. When the tornado hit, they took shelter with a neighbor and a bunch of other people.

“It was so loud down here,” Lindsey Bohn, a neighbor, said. “I typically always hear stories about how the tornado goes over your head, but we did actually get our ears popped and we could feel the pressure drop down here.”

Pastor Litt was worried about his other parishioners, including the Williams.

“In fact, that first night that was our biggest concern. Let’s make sure everybody is safe, everybody has a place to be, everything’s okay. We’ve spent that time since then just helping to pick up the all the pieces and just making sure everybody’s got what they need to move on in life,” Pastor Litt said.

It’s been a week since James and Buddy lost their home. They’re grateful to be alive with a roof over their heads.

“We’ve just been staying in the church house, and we’re thankful that we have somewhere to go,” Buddy said.

The Williams family set up a GoFundMe Page. Click here if you would like to support.

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