Emily’s Legacy Rescue needs help finding homes for furry friends

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 10:45 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Some animal services in Wichita Falls are asking for your help in decreasing the overwhelming number of four-legged friends having to take refuge in their kennels.

Not only does Emily’s Legacy Rescue staff take in cats and dogs to their kennels, but they also have a fostering program.

Kimber Hopkins, president of the rescue, said on Friday she received eight requests, some from Facebook, phone calls, and even texts, from individuals with multiple pets looking for a new home. Reasons include owners moving or those who have passed away.

“It’s a commitment to adopt and we’ve seen so many animals here lately. People that come to us say well we’re just going to take them to the shelter if you don’t take them, and they’ll have to be put down,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said they even get calls and work closely with the City of Wichita Falls Animals Services who, after checking their website, currently have almost 100 pets in their kennels.

“I know the city at one time had 18 puppies that were brought in. 18 puppies, that’s a lot. It’s hard for rescues to get fosters to take in that many puppies. If they can take in two, but then we have to get adopters and people to take these guys home,” Hopkins said.

They said that animal services are trying their best to become a no-kill shelter, and get as many of their furry friends adopted as possible.

“That’s why they reach out to us because they know we work very hard to keep little families together. If they have a mama and babies, we work to keep them together,” Katie Lister, a board member of Emily’s Legacy Rescue, said.

Hopkins and Lister said the best thing that owners can do is make sure all their animals are spayed and neutered to prevent further overpopulation.

To find more information on adoptable animals, visit the City of Wichita Falls Animals Services Center and Emily’s Legacy Rescue websites.

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