Wichita Falls man filming documentary on gang injunctions

Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 9:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls man, Harold Bennett, has started filming a documentary about the history of gangs in the city.

The documentary titled Dark History takes a look back at the gang injunctions in Wichita Falls that have been in place since 2006. The gist of injunction law is that those who are in a gang or associate with one have to obey specific conditions that the public does not.

Bennett said the purpose of this documentary is to give a voice to the people who believe the law is unconstitutional.

“If people of color expect for other people outside of their neighborhoods or their social clubs or groups to come in and actually tell their story for them, to me that makes no sense at all. We’ve got to tell our own stories,” Bennett said.

Bennett believes he is the right person to spread the word about this law because he has a deep understanding of why and how gangs came to be in the city.

The documentary will feature members of several different gangs describing their stories.

“I want people to understand how a child would join a gang or why they would join a street gang. Truth be told, a lot of gangs started because there was a lot of bullying going on,” Bennett said. “People didn’t know how to handle the bullying so they would team up to get protection from the people who were bullying them. It was like a chain reaction and multiple gangs started from that and in this documentary, I think that they will see that.”

Dark History is expected to be released on all social media platforms, including YouTube, in December of 2022.

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