Bridgeport McDonald’s donates tree to Jacksboro Sewell Park

The donation was in light of Earth day
Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 7:37 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - While all eyes had been on rebuilding the homes and schools destroyed by the recent E-F3 tornado, Jacksboro Mayor Craig Fenter said they’re also coming to terms with another kind of loss.

“We lost a lot of trees in town,” Fenter said. “The city manager and I drove through town right after the event happened and one of the things we both commented on, the houses were awful but those can be rebuilt in time, the trees are gone forever.”

Earth Day has been about protecting the environment since it started in 1970. The Bridgeport McDonald’s made an intentional investment on Friday not only with its tree-planting ceremony but with who their tree went to.

Joel Rauno, Baru Enterprises marketing officer, said the initial plan was to plant a tree at one of their locations, but they felt that it was needed more elsewhere.

“We chose Jacksboro because Jacksboro just went through a tragic situation where a tornado hit,” Rauno said. “We thought it would be best to plant a tree here so that way it’ll give a little bit of hope for the town.”

Fenter believes the planting of this tree is a symbol of growth in Jacksboro.

“Just having a tree like this planted is a great symbol of growth coming back into the community and it’s much appreciated,” Fenter said. “I’d like to see a lot more of them. There’s a lot of history in this area and hopefully for generations to come that tree will represent something that has taken place here.”

Rauno encourages everyone to do something that will be helpful for the Earth.

“I think today is an important day not only to plant a tree but to do something for the Earth,” Rauno said. “Go out there and pick up some trash in a parking lot, in a park. Do something productive for this planet that’s giving us life”.

Rauno has plans to make this an annual activity for each McDonald’s restaurant around the world, which would mean over 35,000 trees would be planted on Earth Day every year.

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