4 teens to be tried as adults for brutal carjacking that severed woman’s arm, killed her

Police said four teens carjacked and killed Linda Frickey, 73. (WVUE)
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 2:26 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE/Gray News) – Four teenagers accused of a brutal carjacking that killed a 73-year-old woman will be tried as adults on second-degree murder charges, according to the district attorney.

In a news conference Thursday, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams said 17-year-old John Honore and three 15-year-old girls – Briniyah Baker, Marquel Curtis and Lenyra Theophile – will be tried as adults.

Police said the teens carjacked Linda Frickey on March 21 and dragged her for more than a block until her arm was severed. She then died on the scene as frantic neighbors tried to help.

Williams said the juvenile court system is not set up to handle cases this severe.

“Four or five years (of prison) is just not enough,” Williams said. “The juvenile sentencing limits would be inadequate to ensure that these young people are appropriately held accountable for taking a life.”

If convicted, all four teens will face life in prison, a mandatory sentence for second-degree murder in the state of Louisiana.

“This was one of the most violent carjackings we’ve ever seen; these young people dragged Mrs. Frickey, severing her arm as they all fled the scene in her car. Today’s grand jury decision to indict these young people for second-degree murder is fair and ensures they are appropriately held accountable,” Williams said in a statement.

New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson asked Williams’ office to try the teens as adults after the horrific details of the crime were released.

“I mean, look at the nature of the crime. Brazenness. Broad daylight. No regard for this woman hanging outside the car,” Ferguson said. “I’m not an advocate for incarceration, but sometimes people need to be locked up. When you commit a crime like this, absolutely you need to be locked up.”

Honore had a previous violent crime allegation charged in adult criminal district court that was dropped last year by Williams’ office, court records show. He and two other co-defendants were charged as adults for another alleged carjacking when he was 15.

The court record shows Honore was ordered to home confinement and later incarcerated at the Orleans Juvenile Justice Center while awaiting prosecution. He was ordered freed from confinement after Williams’ office told the court it was dropping the case.

The family of Frickey has struggled to cope with the gruesome way their loved one was killed.

“I never, ever would want to wish that on another human being,” said Kathy Richard, Frickey’s sister-in-law. “It’s just beyond comprehension. It’s evil. And you don’t just go from being in school to just taking a walk, to killing somebody. It was murder. Downright murder.”

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