‘There’s a lot on the line’- Pro-life Democrat faces progressive challenger in Texas runoff

A contested runoff in Texas raises questions for November
Texas primary 2022
Texas primary 2022
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 11:51 AM CDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - It’s a familiar arena for Jessica Cisneros and Rep. Henry Cuellar (R-Texas). Back in 2020, Cisneros came within 2600 votes of beating the longtime congressman. This time around the race is just as close, and the stakes are high for reproductive health care.

“As the Supreme Court threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade, our anti-choice Congressman has led the assault on our reproductive freedoms as the only Democrat to vote against codifying Roe in Congress and repeatedly voting with Republicans to ban abortion care throughout his career,” said Cisneros, “South Texans deserve better.”

Cuellar tells us, “The restrictions should be there exceptions life of the mother should be also the issue of rape, incest,’

According to a University of Texas poll, 78% of Texans asked believe abortion should be allowed under some circumstances, while 15% believe it should be outlawed completely.

Josh Blank of the University of Texas Politics Project says the big question is if Democrats pick Cisneros on Tuesday, will the party be able to hold the seat in November?

“If the Democratic Party in 28 nominates a significantly more progressive candidate, which Jessica Cisneros would clearly be, it makes her at odds with the district on the whole, or at least makes the district significantly more competitive,” said Blank.

Blank believes Cuellar has been consistently reelected in the district because he threads the needle of being a Democrat who leans right.

“His position on abortion politics puts him at an odd place in the party,” said Blank.

Ahead of Tuesday’s result, Cisneros has a major advantage over Cuellar. According to Open Secrets, she has out-raised him by about a million dollars.

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