Kathleen Brown speaks out on gun control

She said our current leaders have failed in protecting the people and things need to change.
Published: May. 27, 2022 at 6:46 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Congressional candidate and Wichita Falls native Kathleen Brown is speaking out about gun control after the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School.

She said our current leaders have failed in protecting the people and things need to change.

Texas has seen eight mass shootings in the last 13 years and the recent tragedy in Uvalde was one of 27 school shootings this year alone. With recent bills being passed making it easier for anyone 18 years of age or older to obtain a gun, Brown said more incidents like these were bound to happen.

“I am saddened, but I am not surprised this happened,” Brown said.

Following yet another school shooting, Brown said Texas needs change.

“I myself have a permit to carry,” Brown said. “I believe that if you want a right to carry a gun outside of your home or your vehicle, you should go through enough training and oversight to make sure that you are going to responsibly own that gun.”

She said there is data showing that certain laws in other states have resulted in fewer shootings and she wants to implement those in Texas.

“First thing we need to pass is universal background checks,” Brown said. “Second, I think we need to have red flag laws in place. Red flag laws are very important in making sure that somebody who has violent tendencies or mental illness that can result in bouts of violence don’t get their hands on guns.”

She said she is not trying to prevent people from having guns, but that more regulations can stop weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

“I am not trying to ban assault rifles,” Brown said. “I am not trying to prevent anyone from having a handgun in their home, but when you have an assault rifle, you should be at least 21, you should undergo a thorough background check, you should have to have liability insurance, you should have to register that gun and most importantly, the federal government should be able to track our guns.”

Brown is urging voters to do their research ahead of this November’s election. She said that while candidates have plans for change, it’s the voters who decide whether or not that change happens.

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