7 Texans among alleged Patriot Front members accused of conspiring to riot at LGBTQ event

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Kieran Morris, 27; Steven Tucker, 30; Graham Whitsom, 31; Josiah Buster, 24....
TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Kieran Morris, 27; Steven Tucker, 30; Graham Whitsom, 31; Josiah Buster, 24. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Connor Moran, 23; Thomas Rousseau, 23; Robert Whitted, 22.(Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office)
Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 11:20 AM CDT
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(KWTX) - Seven Texans are among the 31 alleged Patriot Front members arrested with riot gear after a tipster reported seeing people loading up into a U-Haul like “a little army” at a hotel parking lot in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, police said.

The men are suspected of conspiring to riot in the city’s downtown near a gay pride event. The arrested Patriot Front members arrived in Coeur d’Alene inside a U-Haul truck that police pulled over.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the men who live in Texas who were booked on suspicion of criminal conspiracy are Kieran Morris, 27; Steven Tucker, 30; and Graham Whitsom, 31; each of Haslet; Josiah Buster, 24, and Connor Moran, 23; both of Watauga; Thomas Rousseau, 23, of Grapevine; and Robert Whitted, 22, of Conroe, according to a Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office document.

Investigators said Rousseau is the national leader of the Patriot Front.

The Patriot Front is a white supremacist neo-Nazi group whose members perceive Black Americans, Jews and LGBTQ people as enemies, said Jon Lewis, a George Washington University, a researcher who specializes in homegrown violent extremism who spoke with The Associated Press.

Their playbook, Lewis said, involves identifying local grievances to exploit, organizing on platforms like the messaging app Telegram, and ultimately, showing up to events marching in neat columns, in blue- or white-collared-shirt uniforms, in a display of strength.

The men were jailed and are scheduled to be arraigned in court Monday.

The Spokane-Review published the full list of those arrested:

  • Jared M. Boyce.
  • Nathan D. Brenner.
  • Colton M. Brown.
  • Josiah D. Buster.
  • Mishael J. Buster.
  • Devin W. Center.
  • Dylan C. Corio
  • Winston W. Durham.
  • Garret J. Garland.
  • Branden M. Haney.
  • Richard J. Jessop.
  • James M. Johnson.
  • James J. Johnson.
  • Kieran P. Morris.
  • Lawrence A. Norman.
  • Justin M. Oleary.
  • Cameron K. Pruitt.
  • Forrest C. Rankin.
  • Thomas R. Rousseau.
  • Conor J. Ryan.
  • Spencer T. Simpson.
  • Alexander N. Sisenstein.
  • Derek J. Smith.
  • Dakota R. Tabler.
  • Steven D. Tucker.
  • Wesley E. Van Horn.
  • Mitchell F. Wagner.
  • Nathaniel T. Whitfield.
  • Robert B. Whitted.
  • Graham J. Whitsom.
  • Connor P. Moran.

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