“You’re Enough” movement heading to Las Vegas

The movement hopes to once again spread positive energy to anyone who may need it.
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 1:24 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - You’re enough. Those two words have impacted many across the United States thanks to a group from Wichita Falls who are determined to spread positivity and confidence in everyone.

They traveled along the east coast six years ago. Now, they are heading out west. The movement hopes to once again spread positive energy to anyone who may need it because they know firsthand how hard it can be.

“People saw me as really successful in this community and what they didn’t know was I was struggling,” Dawn Thompson, founder of the “You’re Enough” movement, said. “I looked successful to the outside but on the inside I was broken and I hit rock bottom.”

Two words is what helped pull Thompson out of the dark pit she was once in. She turned her life around and is now helping others overcome the same thing she did.

“It pulled me out of a dark place and I have been able to help friends and family from the things I have learned, and complete strangers,” Lena Vieth, member of the “You’re Enough” movement, said.

“When you are in your struggle, like it is really hard,” Thompson said. “If a complete stranger walked up to you and said you’re good enough or handed you a You’re Enough bracelet, it can change your whole outlook.”

So that is what she is doing. Her and her team will be traveling to the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas to speak on how you’re enough, with plans of making stops on the way to help anyone who may need it.

“I am just excited to spread the message and help more people,” Vieth said. “As we pull that trailer down the road, all the people we pass by see the words ‘you’re enough’ and that they go search and find the hope they may be looking for.”

They say the impact it has made on people has been indescribable and has given many a different perspective on life.

“It is a constant reminder too,” Vieth said. “There are still days where I am like blah but I remember you’re enough, you’re good enough, go do it.”

“There has been so many times that we have done that and people have told us ‘I was thinking about ending my life and this is a sign that God loves me and that I still need to be here. I have a purpose,’” Thompson said.

The group is set to leave Tuesday morning and will be making stops in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada before reaching Las Vegas. They hope to make an impact on everyone along the way.

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