Public addresses concerns at City View ISD board meeting

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 10:35 AM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - It was a packed house Thursday night at the City View ISD board meeting as parents, former students and community members made their concerns known.

The meeting follows claims administrators didn’t act when told about inappropriate behavior toward female students from former teacher and coach, Bob Morris, who died on Monday. Current superintendent Tony Bushong denies that the claims were made toward to his administration specifically. Former students who spoke with News Channel 6 earlier this week were among those present at the meeting.

Makayla Martin said she was a victim of sexual abuse. She told school board members on Thursday that she feels the administration failed her and others.

Lana Wampler, the City View PIEMS coordinator, also spoke during public comment. While she said she believes the victims and the stories they’ve shared, she also believes administrators are not to blame.

“I am here to question the victims reporting to the current superintendent. I’ve worked beside the current superintendent for several years now and have seen him fire more than one individual for lesser allegations,” Wampler said.

Wampler explained when students make allegations, the principal and/or the vice principal are the administrators that are called. The only way the superintendent will be involved, is if they are notified by an administrator.

“I stand on my belief, no victim reported it to Tony Bushong,” Wampler said.

However, former student Angel Rodriguez contradicts that statement when she directly addressed Bushong during her time in public comment.

“Mr. Bushong? You sat in on that meeting. You said that it had never been brought to your attention but it was. I told you everything I knew. You actually did a follow up interview at Hirschi High School to one of the girls,” Rodriguez said.

We spoke with Taylor Guerra and Jamie Arredondo, who are both few City View ISD parents and here’s what they think needs to be done.

“Honestly, I want Tony Bushong fired,” Guerra said. “I think that he’s the common denominator through all of the victims statements who said he was in the office he knew about it.”

“Teachers, administrations, whoever that was involved in this and knew about it, I’d like to see that cleaned up,” Arredondo said.

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