How day camps are keeping kids safe in the heat

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 7:10 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - With the summer heat reaching triple digits almost daily, kids have spent a lot of time at the waterpark.

But how else are kids keeping cool this summer? Here’s what day camps are doing to keep things fun while ensuring their campers’ safety.

Limiting the children’s time in the sun is day camps’ number one priority at the moment, and they feel the best way to cope with this is to simply avoid it when possible.

“Great news, our summer camps are in the morning so usually before it gets super warm we take our hikes in the morning,” Jennica Lambert, River Bend Nature Center exhibits curator, said. “We do our outdoor activities in the morning, so it’s cool, and then as the sun rises we hang out in this big glass building right behind me called the Ruby N. Priddy Butterfly Nature Conservatory, which is air conditioned so we get to escape the elements via technology.”

Keeping kids cool in this heat is a challenge but also priority number one for these camps.

“Safety is at the top of our priority list and we’ve had excessive heat and thank goodness the bulk the majority of our activities they’re inside our local centers,” Randy Cooper, Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Falls executive director, said.

This heat is nothing to play with so day camps are changing their programs to limit playtime in the sun.

“We’ve got to evaluate our program in terms of safety for kids, so number one, we shift some of our activities that take place outdoors,” Cooper said. “They’re out there earlier in the day, we limit those activities number one. We limit our exposure to the sun.”

Day camps have had to make some changes due to the extreme heat and reel in some of the kids’ favorite outdoor activities.

“How hot is it, the duration, how long are we going to be out there? Let’s keep them hydrated because you ask a youngster out at camp what’s their favorite activity, well by far its that swimming pool,” Cooper said.

Last but not least, the biggest key to keeping a child from getting too hot is to ensure they stay hydrated.

“Kids aren’t hydrated from the word go,” Cooper said. “You can’t catch up so hydration is important across the board and we share that and remind kids to fill your water bottle and drink.”

The best thing to keep your kids safe this summer is limiting the amount of time a child is exposed to the sun, using sunblock, and most importantly, hydrating.

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