Holliday ISD speaks on safety as new school year begins

Holliday ISD opened its doors for the new school year on Wednesday.
Holliday ISD opened its doors for the new school year on Wednesday.(kauz)
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 10:00 PM CDT
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HOLLIDAY, Texas (KAUZ) - Holliday ISD opened its doors for the new school year on Wednesday and school officials spoke about the changes made to ensure students are in a safe learning environment.

“There’s a lot of talk about safety and security and that’s our primary focus as we start the year,” Holliday ISD Superintendent Cody Carroll said. “So we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to ensure our parents that the kids are going to be safe when they drop them off here at our school.”

The district worked with local law enforcement to devise a procedure in case there was a threat posed, and they also checked every exterior door to make sure they lock properly. They even installed a device to ensure classroom safety, called the night lock device.

“It’s just a secondary device that we have installed to try and put as many obstacles in the way as we can,” Carroll said.

Carroll said they are confident in the procedures they have taken to ensure students’ safety.

“There’s lots of work to be done and there will be ongoing things that we do throughout the year to make sure that we’re staying true to all these new procedures,” Carroll said. “But I feel confident that we’ve done our due diligence this summer and we are ready to provide that safety factor for our parents.”

Safety procedures aren’t the only changes that were made this year. The district also went to a nine-week grading period from a previous six to limit the amount of testing.

“It’s my opinion that we’re testing kids way too much,” Carroll said. “So anything that we can do to kind of pull that out the way so that we can spend more time delivering quality instruction, I think that’s a good thing.”

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