Texoma still in need of rain

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 10:52 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Texoma has been praying for rain and while our prayers have been answered, we still need more.

However, too much rain too fast could lead to flooding. It takes it longer to absorb the moisture with the ground being so dry, leaving this water with nowhere to go, which can lead to dangerous flash flooding.

“Any rain we can get at this point, we need it,“ Garrett James, News Channel 6 First Alert Meteorologist, said. “The good thing is that more rain is on the way.”

Wichita Falls finally received some much-needed rain this past weekend, but we still need more to get us out of the drought.

“It’s been beneficial, however, we still need more,” James said. “That’s kind of the catch-22 right now because the ground is so hard due to not seeing that rain we normally see, so it’s just kind of sitting on top of the ground. This is called ponding, where it’s just kind of sitting there, turning into a pond.”

When this happens it could cause serious flooding if we get too much too soon.

“Great example, Dallas,” James said. “They hadn’t seen rain in approximately 60 days at one point and now they had all of this rain come down at once and it didn’t move and so all that rain has to go somewhere and it can’t go into the ground anymore at this point, so thus flood.”

Wichita Falls has not received enough rain to flood. The area has received a little over an inch and a half of rain these past few days, which is enough to get the ground moist and even raise our lake levels.

“We’re starting to see the lake levels of Kickapoo and Arrowhead rise,” Daniel Nix, City of Wichita Falls utility operations manager, said. “Kickapoo has gone up about four inches so far since it started raining this weekend, and Arrowhead has gone up about two inches.”

As this rain has been beneficial and further delayed the city’s drought plan, the area is still significantly under the amount of rain we should’ve received.

“So we’re still about six inches behind and when you couple that with the loss of rain late last year, we’re about 15 inches behind,” Nix said. “It’ll take about 15 inches for us to catch up.”

As the area hasn’t seen enough rain to get us out of the drought, there are still chances for rain this coming week and with the ground now being somewhat moist it should be able to absorb it.

“In the famous words of Luke Bryan, rain is a good thing,” James said.

We all have enjoyed this rain and the cool weather it brought with it, but our meteorologists would like to see more consecutive days of rain to get us out of the drought.