Hotter’N Hell riders attend annual spaghetti dinner

Published: Aug. 26, 2022 at 10:43 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Hotter’N Hell Hundred riders got the chance to carb load before the big ride at the spaghetti dinner.

The annual dinner served salad, breadsticks, cold drinks and most importantly, spaghetti.

“The spaghetti dinner is a tradition,” Chip Filer, executive director of Hotter’N Hell said. “That’s been going on almost as long as Hotter’N Hell.”

The city of Wichita Falls held its annual spaghetti dinner tonight at the Kay Yeager Coliseum getting riders ready for the big ride.

“We got lots of riders coming in from all over the world coming in and getting carbed up at the spaghetti dinner,” Shane Minniear, Steering Committee, Head of HHH sales, said.

The dinner served thousands of riders who were coming in to get their carbohydrate fix before the race Saturday.

“It’s a great way to carbo-load before the ride tomorrow,” Filer said. “And you can get in, you can get out to get back to your hotel soon enough to get some sleep.”

Carb loading is a nutritional strategy used by endurance athletes to increase stored energy for better performance. So, if you’re watching your carbs you may want to stay away from this pasta.

“When you see the start line and see the spaghetti dinner, you really get a grasp on how many people actually are here for the Hotter’N Hell this weekend,” Minniear said. “It’s just a really cool scene and a really cool atmosphere to be in.”

If you missed the dinner or the consumer show, there is a breakfast tomorrow morning followed by the rest of the festivities.

“Come downtown,” Filer said. “Enjoy it go to the restaurant downtown while you’re down here. I mean, you can sit in the dining room at the Highlander on Sunday and watch the criterium race go by. I mean it’s just amazing.”

“The spaghetti is great by the way,” Minniear said. “You would think with all the mass spaghetti that it wouldn’t be great but it’s really good spaghetti.”