Celebrating 100 years with MSU Texas: Debbie Barrow

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 7:08 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - News Channel 6 is celebrating a century with Midwestern State University, and we’re continuing our tribute to the university’s past, present and future with one of the longest-serving employees.

Though she initially expected to only spend a couple of years at the university, Debbie Barrow has called MSU Texas home for the past 43 years because the university has continually invested in her.

“At that two-year mark, I had already had a second president and I met my soon-to-be husband, and we stayed in Wichita Falls,” Barrow said. “The years just kept going and several times I’d look at other opportunities, but then more opportunities at Midwestern came forward and so now it’s home.”

Barrow has worked with six MSU Texas presidents during her time at the university, giving her valuable experience with handling change.

“There’s always that fear and trepidation, what is it going to be like, will they appreciate my skills and what I have to offer,” Barrow said. “But I think something that I’ve learned is just to be flexible and not to come in and tell them this is the way we’ve always done it because I think I bring a really great historical perspective and it’s good to know where we’ve come from, but to be open to new ideas and new changes. I think that’s what new presidents bring.”

And while we continue to celebrate MSU’s 100th anniversary, Barrow was there for the 75th.

“This is our centennial year and I’ll be honest, when we did our 75th anniversary, I never dreamed I would be here at the hundred but here I am,” Barrow said. “It’s been really great to look back and just have memories of all the great things that we’ve done and the accomplishments.”

Barrow said it’s the people who make MSU Texas great and have brought fulfillment to her and her work.

“People here, I just feel like we’re family,” Barrow said. “When I turned 40, I got to ride on the firetruck and they took me over to a restaurant and we had a big celebration. Those types of things, you just get to be connected with so many people and I am so fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity.”

As the university continues to moves forward, Barrow is excited for the future she has helped create.

“I hope that I instill in others the pride that I feel in Midwestern State University,” Barrow said. “I think that we’ve come a long way and we have so much more that we can accomplish. I probably won’t be here to see all of the great things that are to come, but I look forward to watching the celebrations and the milestones. I am an alum and so my heart is with the university and with all the people who come before me and supported me and lifted me up over the years. I’m very blessed and thankful.”

Barrow currently serves as the board and government relations director and secretary of the university.

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