People taking advantage of Labor Day Sales amid inflation

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 10:37 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) -Labor Day means sales, and despite the continuing inflation rise, shoppers were out to take advantage of the holiday savings.

“Definitely the sales,” Dallas Fristoe, Labor Day shopper said. “Because you’re finding 30% off sometimes 70% off depending on what store it is, what outlet.”

Most residents, like Ryan Hampton, are doing their best to shop while not going overboard.

“Shopping trying to spend a little money safely,” Hampton said. “I’m not trying to go too crazy.”

While others, like Kylie Overbey, are shopping the sales racks to get the most for their money.

“I got some clothes on clearance,” said Overbey, a Wichita Falls resident. “We went to Claire’s and got some headphones for the kids, so I think it helped a little bit.”

As we face the highest inflation rate in over 40 years, many Americans are watching their wallets.

“Taking advantage of this weekend is definitely going to help save a penny on me especially with it being Labor Day weekend,” Charles Wilkinson, Labor Day shopper said. “So, you got all the big sales in a lot of the clothing stores. I’m mainly going to the Buckle.”

According to a nationwide survey, 47% of Americans said paying full price for an item is a deal breaker.

“Sometimes it can get discouraging,” Hampton said. “I know a lot of people going through tough times right now, so it gets discouraging. So, you kind of want to monitor everything you do, you know have a budget, that’s what we do. We have a budget set up.”

Shoppers said they will continue to look for big sale days like Labor Day, while tightening their budgets, because they believe their dollars are making a difference.

“The more money that does come in, the better that the economy can do, the better the city can do, the more things that can get built,” Wendell Castle, Wichita Falls resident said. “The more stores that can come into the mall you know money brings money.”