Know the candidates: City View ISD trustee at large

Four candidates are running for the City View ISD trustee at large seat.
Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 7:36 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Four candidates are running for City View ISD trustee at large. They come from different backgrounds and have different experiences.

Though Dayton Collins doesn’t have experience in education or politics, he said what he does have is a passion for the City View community.

“I’ve lived in City View for most of my life. I’ve had in the district since 1950s, we’ve always had a student in my family in the district, just about,” Collins said.

Charlotte Beaver said she has been in the finance business for 25 years and though she has no experience in politics, she believes City View ISD is in need of changes and there is always room for improvement.

“I know we have some bullying problems, we have some communication problems. I just really think that we can do better. We’re headed in the right direction, we can do better,” Beaver said.

Susan Robertson has a degree in education from MSU. She is a product of City View ISD and has taught there for over 24 years.

“I’m the only educator that sits on the school board and I feel that’s a very important thing to have because I’ve stood on both sides of the desk, so I have a different understanding when it comes to issues involving teachers,” Robertson said.

The candidates have different concerns and priorities when it comes to making changes in the district.

“There’s complaints of bullying inside the school district. There’s all the negative things that have been happening in the past few months with the district, at no fault to any of the administrators or school board members. The district, a lot of the community wants a lot more transparency with that,” Collins said.

“Well, I want to build back the trust with the community and the school board, the administration, that’s a big problem there. When everything is going really well, you have a lot of involvement, but you let something go bad and everybody is there. We really need more community involvement, but we have to build trust,” Beaver said.

“As an educator, I am just very passionate about making sure we are the best school that we can offer our students and our staff and even the community and I’ve just really enjoyed my time on the board and would just like to continue the work I have started,” Robertson said.

Each candidate shared their reasons for why people should vote for them and why they believe they are a good fit for this position.

“We have not had parent representation on the school board for a very long time. Our school board has almost remained the same for close to 10 years. I believe that parent representation on the board is very fundamental to make sure that everything is going smoothly within the district,” Collins said.

“Well, I think City View can be a premier school, that’s my vision. There’s good things to come with City View. I just really love that school,” Beaver said.

“I want to continue the work we’ve already been doing and I’d like to continue to still work on what it takes to get all of our students to feel like they are a part of the educational journey that they are on,” Robertson said.