Residents share concerns over new Dollar General driveway

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 6:10 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Turtle Creek Road residents expressed concern Tuesday over a driveway entry for a new Dollar General.

It’s being built on Seymour Highway. The concern is how the driveway comes out onto Turtle Creek Road.

The Wichita Falls City Council met Tuesday morning and heard from one woman during public comments. She said neighbors are worried the driveway will increase traffic and the potential for wrecks.

With Seymour Highway being a five-lane road, residents said they were confused as to why both entrances and exits were not put on Seymour Highway. Instead, one was put on a skinny two-lane road.

“We don’t want 18-wheelers coming down Turtle Creek, which is largely a residential road for us and the only way in and out of our neighborhood,” Erica Goss, resident, said. “Plus the increase traffic flow.”

The new Dollar General at the intersection of Seymour Highway, Fairway Blvd and Turtle Creek Road is almost complete. City staff said they have done everything in compliance with city and state ordinances.

“All completely reviewed by staff,” Terry Floyd, City of Wichita Falls director of development services, said. “The project is completely in line with all of our city ordinances, which includes landscaping and of course zoning, which was allowed by right to do. The property also platted properly as per our state laws.”

Floyd said having two entrances and exits are not uncommon on projects like these.

“We see that a lot where there is two entrances and exits out of certain properties because, again, it gets to things such as city services, first responders and sometimes delivery trucks,” Floyd said.

Residents said they would rather have both entrances and exits on Seymour Highway because of concerns for safety on Turtle Creek Road.

“We have a two-lane road without a shoulder, without painted lines and no street lights,” Goss said. “People are already hitting deers, you have to move a little bit over when someone comes by and now you are going to create a new traffic pattern to use this entrance.”

City staff said before they started the project, they took all of these things into consideration and they believe it won’t cause any issues.

“Our staff has reviewed that, our public works engineering, our fire department, our fire marshal office, in addition to the developmental services building and planning staff have all looked at that and embeded that,” Floyd said. “Of course, that is a comprehensive effort on our part as a staff to do that, so no we don’t see any concerns with it.”

The concrete for the driveway has been poured and the project is near completion, but city officials said they will keep an eye out for any issues once the store opens.