Midwestern State University celebrates commencement ceremony

Midwestern State University
Midwestern State University(KAUZ)
Published: Dec. 11, 2022 at 11:54 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - More than six hundred students walked down the aisle each realizing they have achieved their goal to be here for the class of MSU 2022. Each student made sacrifices and life-changing decisions to reach their goal today.

Gabriella Pettijohn, president of the MSU Student Government Association shared a speech.

“All have faced the demands rigs of college life and succeeded through all the struggles. I congratulate you, all of you on how amazing it is to see all your hard work pay off because it was hard work very hard work,” Pettijohn said.

MSU Texas president JuliAnn Mazachek attend her second graduation since her tenure in the position. In her speech, Mazachek talked about how the students all look the same but the journey they took to get here was different.

“Clothed in these matching gowns and mortarboards you may look alike but your arrival here is different for every graduate today. Some of you have studied over many years, maintaining full-time jobs, some have started a family or a career before returning to university education,” Mazachek said.

Pamela Hughes Pak, second vice president of the MSU alumni association, talked about this is the time to reflect on the past memories the students made at MSU Texas but also a time to look forward.

“It’s also a moment for you to look forward to your next steps. Whether you go on to further your education or into the workforce. MSU Texas association is behind you,” Pak said.

“We are here to celebrate your achievements and the hard work you have done to earn your university diploma...yes around applause would be awesome,” Mazachek said.