Bellevue ISD deposits new time capsule

“I look forward to the next 100 years that this school is around.”
Published: Jan. 6, 2023 at 10:33 PM CST
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BELLEVUE, Texas (KAUZ) - With the help of the Masonic Lodge, Bellevue ISD held a leveling ceremony on Friday for the new high school’s cornerstone.

The story almost seems unreal. On July 22, 2022, the school took out the old cornerstone, and discovered a forgotten time capsule. Inside the time capsule was a couple of worn out bibles, a WWI Victory Medal and some newspapers.

The newspapers were dated for July 22, 1922 - exactly 100 years prior to when the capsule was discovered.

“This one was special because they opened it 100 years to the day, I don’t think they even realized what they were doing, but it was really cool to come here,” Brad Billings, Grand Master of Masons, said. “I’m from a small town, so to come back to a small town to see the kids and their faces light up when we talk about something that happened 100 years ago sounds completely foreign to them.”

A new time capsule was left for future students, and current students were allowed to bring and place whatever items they wanted inside. One class put an ethernet cable inside to show what technology was like in 2022.

“I look forward to the next 100 years that this school is around,” Bellevue Superintendent Wade Wesley said.

The time capsule serves as a unique reminder of the values the school was built on and they hope the new capsule will do the same.