TxDOT and city truck drivers working around the clock

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 6:27 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The winter storm has TxDOT and City truck drivers working overtime this week.

TxDOT trucks are out in full force spraying primary roadways with brine and plowing where they can.

“Right now we’re fighting the icy spots, we’re making brine at all of our offices and we’re getting ready for tonight with some more ice, salt, and other materials to fight the storm for the next two days,” said TxDOT public information officer, Adèle Lewis.

In response to the severity of the upcoming weather TxDOT is requesting extra plows to help out areas experiencing more ice.

“We’re expecting things to get bad tomorrow, as the weather forecast seems to go up and down,” Lewis said. “In fact, tomorrow it’s going to be so bad that we’ve asked the Childress district to give us nine more plows, which we are sending to the Gainesville area and Cooke county because they have I-35 to take care of over there.”

Wichita Falls street crews have been spreading a traction mix on roads along hills, intersections and overpasses, and will continue until roads are cleared.

“Those are hard, very heard to melt in these temperatures and with the clouds and no sun, and very little traffic because a lot of people aren’t out on the roads right now, which is a good thing,” Wichita Falls Public Information Officer Chris Horgen said. “They’re going to continue to do that probably for the next day or so, if not more. And they’ll do rotating schedules, they’re covered; five trucks are out pretty much running all the time.”