Archer City ISD hosts Ninjas Anywhere Day

Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 6:37 PM CST
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ARCHER CITY, Texas (KAUZ) - Archer City ISD hosted the Ninjas Anywhere Day for its students on March 3.

The field day included a massive obstacle course and focused on building students’ morale.

“I feel like it just gives us a break so it’s like way more fun to be here when you have other things to do than just school,” Junior Chance Waren said.

“Our students do a great job in academics and athletics. One of the things we really like to promote is team building and so working together and solving some problems that they don’t see everyday and aesthetics part of learning those are the things that we’re doing,”said John Sherrill, High School Principal at Archer City High School.

“Chance: a very huge mental break it made me feel way better about school for real. Caityln: it was good to not just think about work and all the grades we have to get in and just having fun. Katelyn: yeah, I feel like my head is always wrapped around homework or something and so like just coming out here and like doing free is better,” Juniors at Archer City ISD.

“There’s lots of fun things and I like being a ninja. You get to do fun stuff and like and do cool things,” said Baylar Mitchell, kinder-gardener at Archer City ISD.

“Its been a long semester, the students they worked really hard and we like to give them something to look forward to so these guys have done a great job and we’re exciting to get them out of the classroom a little bit,”said Sherrill. “Having this event and having these memories, I think is going to be second to none for them.”

Although the ninja warrior style course was fun and some students like chance were highly confident, it was still a challenge but the students are fired up to finish the semester strong.