Wichita Falls youth heading to Regional Gymnastics Championship

Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 7:40 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - One Crockett Elementary School student is heading to the Regional Championship. George Fields, a 10-year-old gymnast is the sole pro male competitor in Wichita Falls. 

At a young age, George’s parents, Kim, and Jacob Fields enrolled him in gymnastics because he couldn’t stop jumping and climbing at home. They feared he would hurt himself. But if he decided to jump, flip, and climbed they wanted him to learn how to do it properly so he wouldn’t get hurt. 

“When he was little he was climbing on everything and trying to flip on things and so we thought we need to put him in a place where he can learn how to do it correctly and safely and that’s really what got us started,” said George’s mom, Kim Fields. 

Fast-forward to 6 years later and George is breaking strides as a male gymnast. 

“I get to do a bunch of flips on the trampoline which is really fun. And also I get to do a bunch of flips on the floor and I love when I learn new skills,” said George Field, pro gymnast. 

During the regional championships, George will compete in the Compulsory Region 3 Men’s Gymnastics Championships. George’s Coach believes he’s ready. 

“Balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness. They’re looking for the difficulty of kids and they’re also looking for the execution of those skills whether those skills are performed correctly straight legs, pointed toes, things like that,” said Presley Moore, Director of Gymnastics, YMCA. 

“But now it’s getting a lot easier cause I have memorized skills more but as I get new skills those skills start off hard but and it takes a few years for me to get fully into them,” added George. 

George hopes to inspire other boys to join gymnasts.