Texas lawmakers pushing for Education Savings Account Program

Published: May. 19, 2023 at 8:42 PM CDT
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Texas (KAUZ) - Tens of thousands of Texas families are forced to send their kids to a school, regardless of how good or bad that school is, all based on their address.

Imagine waking up one day and having the choice to send your kids to whichever school you want, that could soon be the reality in Texas as lawmakers are pushing for an Education Savings Account Program

There are a couple of bills working their way through the Texas House, House Bill 43-40 and Senate Bill 8 both designed to empower parents to be more involved

Every day thousands of families benefit from school choice programs across the United States, now Texas is looking to join that list.

Advocates said the push for an Education Savings Account Program is about preserving a fundamental right to choose your child’s school, but those against it say public schools would take the biggest hit.

“Every kid needs a great education and it looks different for every kid. Every kid learns differently so I think giving parents options is a great thing,” District 69 Representative James Frank said.

When it comes to education, Texas ranks 28th in the nation. We’re below the national average in math, reading, and high school graduation rates. An Education Savings Account Program would give parents an avenue to change that, but there are mixed feelings about it.

“A child gets zoned based on where they live so the idea that the best school that works for a child is decided upon by government zoning doesn’t work. No matter how good a school is, it doesn’t work for everybody,” CEO and Co-Founder of Dexter Michael Olaya said.

Representative Frank said Senate Bill 8 is currently in the Texas House but they have to move quickly because May 29th is the last day of session.