Dobie Kosub runs for 89th District Judge for Wichita County

Published: May. 31, 2023 at 6:44 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Wichita County’s First Assistant District Attorney, Dobie Kosub, has placed his name on the list to run for the 89th District Judge. This, all comes after Judge Charles Barnard, 89th District Judge, announced his retirement.

Dobie Kosub made his announcement today alongside family, friends, and supporters.

“I will have the willingness to do what must be done to keep us all safe and to punish the wrongdoers,” said Dobie Kosub, candidate in 89th District.

Kosub ran for 30th District Judge back in 2018.

“I have come to know what it means to see the law from a perspective of fairness, it has to be fair, and I am the person that’s going to get that done on the bench,” added Kosub.

If elected, he will step down from his position with the district attorney’s office.

“He feels a call to serve, and I support him in that, and I know how important it is having a good conservative judge is, and I know that’s who Dobie will be,” said District Attorney John Gillespie.

The next judge to take Judge Barnard’s place should take the job seriously.

“We have family law cases that involve children, we have criminal cases that involve children, and we have civil cases that involve children,” said Judge Charles Barnard, 89th District Judge.

Protecting children is a priority for Kosub.

“I know that this county deserves to be protected, and I am staunchly about that. I believe that the conservative values that I hold will be applied to all of the cases that are brought before me,” explains Kosub.