Shark Tank contestant shares tips on saving on summer energy bills

Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 11:45 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Summer months traditionally mean higher electric bills, but experts are giving some advice that you can use to keep some money in your pockets.

Cyndi Bray is the inventor of Wad-Free. Wad-Free is used to keep one’s clothes from being tangled in the dryer.

Cyndi’s product did so well that it landed her an opportunity on Shark Tank. A show where entrepreneurs present their ideas in hopes of getting a deal. Cyndi would pitch her invention on the show and accept an offer from Kevin O’Leary

“My real-world customers are telling me that they are drying their clothes 25% faster” Wad-Free inventor, Cyndi Bray said.

“One person told me 89% faster, they were drying their sheets. A lot of variables go into laundry such as how humid it is or the type of material that your drying”.

People assume that A/C units are the main reason for high energy bills during the summer.

Although they do play a major role in high energy use, household appliances also play a part. Laundry is a big part of energy bills due to families washing more clothes during the summer because of sports, trips, and other outdoor activities.

“They’re three easy ways to save energy when doing laundry,” said Wad-Free inventor Cyndi Bray.

The first way is on your washing machine, turn the temperature of the water to cold. Don’t worry that your clothes will not come out clean because most of the detergents on the market these days are actually formulated to work best in cold water. Secondly, instead of running your dryer on high heat settings run it on low heat settings so that you save energy and preserve clothes longer. Lastly, try to fill the washing machine to its full capacity”

All of these tips can be used by people this summer and hopefully it will help keep money in your pocket.