Nonprofits in Wichita County try to beat the heat

Published: Jul. 14, 2023 at 6:37 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) -When the heat is high, non-profits try to do what they can to make sure the people they service are staying cool.

Faith Mission and Meals on Wheels in Burkburnett, are two area non profits, both doing what they can to help their clients.

“Starting early in the morning right after breakfast we open the day room all day long for people to come in and cool off,” said Steve Sparks, President & CEO of Faith Mission.

“Today we have chefs salad and watermelon and it is perfect for a hot, hot day,” said Michael Richter, CEO of Meals on Wheels Burkburnett.

There goal this week is simple, keep as many people hydrated and refreshed as a possible.

“You need to be hydrated and you don’t need to be eating super heavy things and be more aware of just taking care of your health it’s brutal, the heat is brutal and if we don’t take care of ourselves through hydration and hydration from a watermelon, it beats the heck out of out a glass of water,” explained Sparks.

ERCOT issued a weather watch for next week. Due to the hot forecast they expect another all-time peak and demand record for next week. While ERCOT believes it has enough capacity to meet forecast demand, there is a potential for lower reserves next week.

“When they come in out of the heat like this we’re also feeding more people too because they hang around the shelter more and that means more people are here for our meals so we’re always needing more food donated,” said Richter.

For more information on donating to Faith Mission, click here. To donate to Meals on Wheels Burkburnett, click here.