YMCA to open new child care center

Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 6:36 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The YMCA will open up a new childcare center on August 28th. The organization will accept over 100 children to their new facility.

“The YMCA is that place that’s going to take care of children but it’s also going to grow them as individuals as well,” said AJ Hernandez, President & CEO of the YMCA.

Parents will be dropping off their kids for the first time at the YMCA childcare center. Hernandez said the children will have an individualized learning environment that will allow them to socialize.

“We’re really trying to develop the child we have a curriculum that’s really centralized on education on learning that we’re really hope that we would prepare them for school so when they do go to kindergarten they’re fully ready to take that on,” said Hernandez.

Getting students prepared means having strong leaders. The YMCA bought Rihannon Beesinger on board to make sure students achieve their highest goals.

“Most definitely a structured learning environment is of utmost importance. It makes a child feel stable, it gives a sense of security and it also does eliminate lot of safety concerns if there is a structured environment that the children are engaged throughout the entire day,” said Rihannon Beesinger, Youth Development Director of Colonial Church.

Hernandez said it’s all about excelling.

“Child development doesn’t mean necessarily mean taking care of them or keeping them safe it means their education, it means socializing it means their mental well-being so we’re doing all of that along with physical play is we’re building a holistic child versus just keeping them safe,” added Hernandez.