High school boys basketball team led by 2 female coaches win national tournament

A Wichita boys basketball team led by two female coaches won a national tournament. (Source: KWCH)
Published: Aug. 12, 2023 at 2:48 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH/Gray News) - High school students in Wichita came together to be teammates for the summer and found success at the right time while competing in the Mid-America Youth Basketball tournament.

Team TKO finished 8-0 in Division II of the tournament, coming away with the championship trophy.

And this year, the team was led by two female coaches.

Coaches Naria Hall and Lavonda McCabe led a full female coaching staff of team TKO.

“For them to respect us and value us is just very special,” Hall said.

McCabe and Hall aren’t on the sidelines just for show. Their team of high school stars respect their leadership, and the staff respects them back.

“We love and care for them [the players]. You have to handle them in a way that they can respond to, and they usually respond really well to us,” Hall said.

Now, the relationships the women have built with their players over the years are turning into success.

“The other coaches will get mad that they’re losing to a girl coach,” TKO guard Marcus White said. “They’re probably jealous. Our coaches put the work in with us.”

McCabe said she is happy to be able to set a positive example while motivating her players.

“If you listen to what we tell you to do and play hard, you can be successful,” she said.