WFISD addressing learning gaps in classroom

Published: Aug. 15, 2023 at 8:40 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - WFISD Board Trustees are doing all they can to bring in new resources and technology to help prevent the learning gap between students in the classroom.

Closing the learning gap was a big topic of discussion at the WFISD board meeting on Tuesday, August 14.

“What is it we expect students to learn, how do we know that they learned it, what are we going to do if they do not get it,” WFISD Superintendent, Dr. Donny Lee said.

The district highlighted summer school and new ways of learning during the school year to better help students who are struggling to succeed.

“Currently our summer school program is three weeks long and it’s only half of a day and so those kids will come four hours a day for three weeks and the board discussed today the option of looking into the full summer possibly six weeks at eights hours a day to enhance learning opportunities for students,” Dr. Lee said.

The Wichita Falls School District uses M.A.P test scores to see how well students test throughout the semester and over the course of a year. They would also use that data to determine if kids need summer school.

Students would be encouraged to go to summer school so they won’t have to be retained and receive some rewards.

“Such as if you can to summer school 75% of the day, maybe a reward field trip to a water park or something like that” Dr. Lee said.

One new system the school board adopted during today’s meeting was IXL which they spent over $100,000 on for the success of students.