TXDOT seeking community input on US-82 improvements

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 6:35 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - TXDOT is sending out a survey and they need your input.

The department wants to identify the need to promote movement in the area.

Experts share that this plan cannot come into effect until they hear from community members.

The department is looking to improve road safety, congestion mobility, and of course connectivity for drivers.

This assessment comes as city officials across the state deliberated about improving the highway that reaches almost the entire region of Texoma.

PIO for TXDOT Adele Lewis said in order to begin a project like this thinking ahead is key.

“There’s nothing on paper that says we’re going to do this to this road right now. We’re just trying to master plan for the future.” Lewis said.

TXDOT is working towards a master plan for U.S 82 that includes prioritizing the project early to help motorists but for now, experts say they’re looking for your opinion on what needs to be done.

”As we go towards 2050 we’ll actually start designing those projects, buying right-of-way, starting to build pieces of that in order to fulfill those needs of the traveling public.” Lewis explained.

Lewis wants to emphasize that even smaller communities’ viewpoints on the renovation are critical.

”We don’t need just Wichita Falls, there’s 20 counties that stretch this 575milese, and the people from all those 20 counties their important to this survey.” Lewis stated.

Clay County Judge Mike Campbell shared U.S. 82 bears through nearly 50 cities one of them being Henrietta, the roads are essential to their economy.

“In Clay County, for sure we transport a lot of ag-products, that’s how we get our stuff to market. So it’s critical we have a really good highway infrastructure to be able to do that.”

Judge Campbell revealed those who live in these regions know the modifications that should be made getting their feedback will assist this process.

“People who use the roads better know how it ought to be upgraded or changed if any changes are needed at all. Certainly, there are areas where you have to go a long way without a passing zone for example, and what about truck traffic? “

TXDOT does not have a set cost for this project, but they are hoping to begin a blueprint by Spring 2024.

More information on the TXDOT US 82 Texas Corridor Study can be found here.